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Your body’s most important and largest organ is your skin.
The skin reflects your inner and outer health, beauty, and overall vitality. Like all parts of our body, it requires certain nutrients and care to ensure vibrancy and healthy function. At skinmatters, our focus is on keeping your skin in optimal health, anti-ageing and in some cases healing and rebalancing to restore your skin’s function and vitality.

state of the art treatment

skinmatters prides itself on using state of the art equipment for safe, effective treatments, offering the best skincare products on the market, and maintaining a health and safety-first attitude – caring for both skin and client so that only the best outcome occurs. Let us ensure that you have the best skin care possible, backed by our years of training and extensive knowledge.

when skin talks, we listen

People often want a problem solved and don’t consider what the symptom reveals about their underlying health. Science, discipline and biomechanical knowledge underpin the skinmatters approach. Our expertise and experience as skin care specialists mean we look deeper and offer a wider spectrum of solutions that address the problem and possibly much more.

We operate on the premise that feeding the skin properly allows it to perform properly. Feed it exceptionally well and you will likely get exceptional results. This is why at skinmatters we take our time to get to know you and therefore your skin.

An in-depth skin consultation and analysis is the first step to developing a skin treatment plan tailored to your lifestyle. After analysis, we collaborate - using our knowledge and your desires - to create a management plan for you. We offer a full skin care package; consultation, analysis, advice, and client support, as well as individual facials, treatment programmes, and homecare recommendations. All treatments are tailored to your skin’s needs and what clinically works for your long-term skin health.

dianne gulland

Dianne Gulland is the brains and passion behind skinmatters, as well as a current member of the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Therapists, is a Registered Nurse, and an Advanced Skin Care practitioner. Dianne is a specialist in corrective, anti-ageing, and rejuvenation treatments. She also treats and manages many other skin conditions. Drawing on over 15 years of aesthetic experience and expertise, she develops and implements individually-designed programmes – helping you achieve exceptional results for your skin.

Her industry experience includes:

  • 6 years of experience working alongside leading Appearance Medicine doctors, gaining critical experience and training in Appearance Medicine procedures
  • 10+ years of experience using IPL light therapy (intense pulsed light, laser, LED and Low Level Laser skin therapies)
  • Senior Tutor at the Wellington School Beauty Therapy – lecturing in both theory and practical applications.
  • Lecturing on both theory and practical applications of skin care as a Senior Tutor at the Wellington School of Beauty Therapy, Wellington, New Zealand.

Dianne’s extensive list of qualifications and certifications include:

  • New Zealand Registered General Obstetric Nurse
  • Diploma in Beauty and Body Therapy – Wellington School of Beauty Therapy
  • New Zealand College of Massage – Certificate in Relaxation Massage
  • Certification in Appearance Medicine – Application of Botox©
  • NZCAM Laser Safety & IPL/Laser Technician Certification
  • Advanced Skin Analysis & Skincare Treatment Certification

DianneNZRN & Aesthetician

Dianne collaborates with both Medical and Holistic health practitioners in order to offer the latest and most effective therapies to skinmatters clients. She seeks out the latest research and keeps abreast on new approaches and technologies for both anti-ageing therapies and skin care – including advanced medical collagen induction therapies (clinical dermal needling), clinical dermal needling, nutrition and supplementation, pharmaceutical application of products, medi-facials and peels, and sun damage protection. New products and treatments are reviewed with a critical eye to ensure she uses only cutting-edge technology and proven skin-science solutions guaranteed to achieve results.

A word from Dianne:

“After completing my skin therapy training and embarking on a new career, I realised that there was a large gap between beauty therapy treatments and skin health care. My vision for skinmatters is to bring a holistic, medical approach to skincare, where each client is treated individually. We offer customised skincare programmes, moving away from the treatment menu approach. I consult with you, discuss your concerns and then provide a realistic plan that is suitable for your skin, budget and lifestyle. skinmatters puts you at the forefront, offering our professional knowledge and medical expertise to ensure you have beautiful, healthy skin for your lifetime. Beauty as we know isn't only skin deep it encompasses all that we are, living to our full potential, being respectful and caring for ourselves, being who we are proud of. For me skin wellbeing is your anti-ageing program, caring for you and your skin is about ageing gracefully"
Dr Michele

Dr MicheleCosmetic Medicine Doctor

Dr. Michele McVie is intimately familiar with how our physical appearance affects our emotional and mental health. She loves getting to know each of her clients and helping them achieve their desired outcomes with her extensive skin care skills. She endeavors to first understand her client’s lives, needs, and desires, and then provide exceptional, holistic treatment that helps them gain new confidence, create a brand new story, and express themselves authentically.

    Dr Michele McVie

    As a General Practitioner, Dr. McVie saw first-hand how even small appearance changes could greatly affect a person’s well-being, and it was a natural shift for her to focus on Cosmetic Medicine once it became a specialised field in New Zealand. Her interest in Cosmetic Medicine and treating persistent skin conditions, especially acne, was kindled by an elective in dermatology during her medical education.

    After graduating in 1986 from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, with  a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, she went on to complete two years of paediatrics, two years of forensic pathology, and two years of Hospice training. She has also been a visiting lecturer on skin conditions at Wits Technikon in Johannesburg.

    She began practising Cosmetic Medicine in 1998, and holds current membership in the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine, the only training and certification body that exists for Cosmetic Medicine in New Zealand. NZSCM rigorously audits its members, requiring that each Doctor attain the highest possible level of education in Cosmetic Medicine and that they continue to further their knowledge, staying current with new developments and best practises. NZSCM also investigates appearance and cosmetic medicine products, endorsing only those that are registered with the appropriate regulatory body, and are clinically proven to be safe and effective.

    Michele’s extensive list of qualifications and certifications include:

    • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Cape Town
    • Fellowship of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP)
    • Advanced Skin Analysis & Skincare Treatment Certification
    • Post-Graduate Certification Cosmetic Medicine, New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine

    A word from Dr Michele:

    "Cosmetic Medicine offers a chance for a person to express on the outside what they feel on the inside. It is also a creative art, and as I have a love for beauty, this was a wonderful way to allow me to express myself and also benefit clients who are looking to be the best they can be. I consider what my clients want as an outcome, and with my experience, I create a new story for them. Treatments are not standardised – each plan reflects the person I have built a relationship with and their personality. I love that we become like friends, I get to know their stories and build a trusting relationship with them. I love this field of medicine so much that it has become my career focus. It’s fun, it’s positive, and it’s transformative. The rewards are many and it is truly a privilege to be given this level of trust".

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