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beauty therapy clinic in taupo

At skinmatters our goal is to provide you with the best-directed preventative and restorative therapies available. Our services and products are designed to improve health and bestow long-lasting aesthetic benefits.


We are proud to call ourselves industry professionals. As experts in our field, we are committed to providing you with specialist treatments using only the latest, advanced technologies and staying up to date on industry news and technology. We know what works, what doesn’t, what’s safe, what’s outdated, what you need to avoid and what will elevate your skincare to the next level. Our highly skilled therapists are dedicated to providing you with personalised treatments that get results and leave you feeling radiant, confident, and healthy.

Skincare is not a one-off, one treatment, or one-size-fits-all regime. Health, for all of us, requires dedication, with consistent care plans that are reviewed and updated regularly. Our goal is to rebalance and restore your skin’s functions, allowing to it maintain itself both externally and internally. We use state of the art medical equipment and technology treatments, along with pharmaceutical grade skincare products, to ensure long-term skin health and function.



We believe beauty is more than just skin deep. If we are confident in our appearance, we also feel happier with ourselves. And it’s not just you that benefits. Your happiness has an effect on those around you - your family, friends, and colleagues - and creates more change than we realise. We believe being beautiful means feeling the very best you can feel - happy, healthy, and well - with healthy, vibrant skin, and a lifetime of feeling confident from the inside out. At skinmatters, it’s all about YOU. Whether you simply need to take time out with a pampering relaxation facial, or if you want to take care of those little niggles that you notice in the mirror, we’d love to help.

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“Why not make the most of yourself every day? No one ever died of a little vanity. When we like what we see when we see ourselves in the mirror, we feel good - so make the most of you.” — 98 year old skinmatters client